Ex-WWE Writer Wants To Get Into It With Cody Rhodes’ Stupid Dog

Cody Rhodes with his dog Pharoah

Things are hotting up between The Rock and Cody Rhodes.

Despite The Rock initially returning to WWE to take a shot at Roman Reigns, the fans were having none of it. This caused the now well-discussed pivot to turn the Hollywood star heel, and he teamed with Reigns to battle Cody Rhodes instead of siding with him.

With The Rock embracing his heel persona, no one in Rhodes’ camp was safe, not even his dog Pharoah. The white Huskey has become something of a cult hero among fans going all the way back to the American Nightmare’s time in AEW.

During one exchange, Rock took a shot at Pharoah in arguably the biggest heel move fans have seen in decades. Now, the man who played a role in the insults, says he’s ready to renew his rivalry with wrestling’s favourite pooch.

Appearing on the Masked Man Show, Brian Gewirtz said he can’t wait to get into it with the “stupid dog” in 2025.

“Nothing happens until they step through the curtain and it happens. There are so many variables, a lot of things can happen and not happen. There is stuff that is written in pencil and stuff people might want or not want. If we get to run it back for WrestleMania 41, I’d be thrilled. I’d love to do it and be part of it. It’d be great.

I want to get back into it with Cody’s dog. People are like, ‘How can you say that. He’s a good boy.’ Of course he’s a good boy. Everyone knows he’s a good boy. He’s just a stupid dog, that’s all I’m saying. There are smart dogs and dogs that are not so bright. Pharoah is not so bright, but he’s certainly a good boy.

I would love to get back into all that stuff. If that phone call happens and we’re thinking about the same person [The Rock], I’d be extremely thrilled to run it back,”

Cody Rhodes “Didn’t Help” In Segment With The Rock

During the same interview, Gewirtz claimed Cody Rhodes “didn’t help” an already infamous segment with his reaction. On the February 2nd episode of SmackDown, Rhodes stepped aside to let The Rock challenge Roman Reigns, and he looked thoroughly depressed at doing so. However, Gewirtz suggested this wasn’t part of the plan, and Rhodes was meant to be more fired up.

It was the negative reaction to this segment that sparked The Rock’s heel turn.

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