Ex-WWE Women’s Champion To Be “Signature Star” Of New Promotion

WWE Women's Championship

A new all women’s wrestling promotion seems to be in the works and the company is looking to an ex-WWE Women’s Champion to be involved despite the fact she has not wrestled full-time in 27 years.

PWInsider has reported that a new wrestling promotion featuring several female Japanese stars is on the way with a show set for New York City in September 2023. The report also confirmed that several competitors have signed deals to work with the company as has former WWE Women’s Champion Bull Nakano.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that Nakano is set to be a featured star of the promotion despite hanging up her boots in 1997:

“They’re making moves, they’re making calls. The idea is an all-women’s promotion that would be on TV (something like) Women of Wrestling but not, in the sense that they want the wrestling to be of much higher quality than Women of Wrestling and they’re going to bring in women from Japan. I do not believe anyone from STARDOM will be there.

“Bull Nakano is going to be one of the big vocal stars of the promotion. Not wrestling, she has not wrestled in 25 years, but they want her to be one of the signature stars. I know they’ve worked on getting all the paperwork together to bring all these women in. I’m not sure exactly which Japanese women will be there, but I think that’s all probably going to be coming out, I think sooner than later.”

Bull Nakano is a legendary figure in Japanese wrestling where she competed for All Japan Women’s Pro Wrestling for many years. Nakano is best known by WWE fans for her run in the company in the mid-nineties where she won the WWE Women’s Championship from Alundra Blayze. The two women resurrected their rivalry in WCW after both leaving WWE where Blayze was then known as Madusa.

h/t WrestleTalk