Ex-WWE Star Was Told Wardrobe Change Would Lead To More Titles

WWE John Morrison Dolph Ziggler

A former WWE star claims that he was once told that if he changed some of his entrance gear then he might get more title wins.

Current AEW wrestler Johnny TV was known as WWE’s Johnny Nitro and later John Morrison for nearly a decade until his 2011 release. Morrison would go on to have another two-year run in WWE from 2019 to 2021 as well.

During his WWE career, Morrison held the Intercontinental Title three times, he was a six-time Tag Team Champion and even held the ECW Title as well although that’s not recognized as a World Title in World Wrestling Entertainment.

Outside of WWE, Morrison won major World Title in places like TNA, AAA, and Lucha Underground. Morrison works for AEW as Johnny TV and is paired with his wife Taya Valkyrie.

While speaking to Mckenzie Mitchell on YouTube, Morrison revealed that multiple people in WWE told him he could win more titles if he stopped wearing the long coat that he used to wear on his way to the ring. As most fans know, Morrison wore the coat for most of his run in the company.

“Most of the people in the business were fans of the business while they were growing up. I mean, when I grew up, I was attracted to larger-than-life characters. Showmanship. Macho Man, Ric Flair, Hogan, Warrior. These big characters. And I always felt like being a pro wrestler meant you get the opportunity to wear the most outlandish, flamboyant, loud outfit possible.”

“That’s basically like what I started to do. As my career progressed, and I started making more money, I could afford to get more elaborate stuff. I think that’s kind of what happened.”

“There was one time, halfway through my WWE run, the first one. I got told one day by three different people that I had to lose the coat if I wanted to be a champion. And I was kind of like, ‘Ok well… but then what? Like, I just wear trunks or something and I’m Champion? I don’t think that’s what people want.’”

John Morrison And The Miz Were Given Freedom By WWE Bosses

Morrison was a Tag Team Champion with The Miz in the mid-2000s and the duo had a popular internet show called “The Dirt Sheet” where they would mock others in WWE and society. According to The Miz, WWE bosses like Stephanie McMahon let the duo do what they wanted in those segments.

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