Ex-WWE Director Explains How Vince McMahon Was Left “Crying Hysterically”

Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon is a lot of things to a lot of people but for someone who seemingly hates sneezing as it shows a loss of control, it might be surprising to know that McMahon is no stranger to letting emotion get the better of him.

Speaking on The Insiders – courtesy of AdFreeShows – former WWE director David Sahadi explained that he put together one of the more memorable video packages featuring legends of the company and explained how Vince McMahon was less than thrilled with his plan but that anger quickly subsided into something altogether more unexpected:

“Vince finds out and calls Kevin Dunn and says, ‘What the f**k is Sahadi doing with all these old timers up there in Albany, we’re about the new generation right now. Vince comes down to look at it about four days later and he’s as angry as can be … 10 seconds in, Vince is like, ‘Oh god, oh god, oh jeez, oh god,’ and he left before it finished.

“Vince was sitting down on the concrete floor just crying hysterically just saying, ‘Thank you’”

“I think the reason why — I didn’t know at the time — but not only was it the spot of the passing of the torch from the old generation to the new generation, but I think from a visceral level, Vince probably felt like it was a passing the torch from his father to what Vince did. I think that’s why it resonated with Vince so much and it evoked so much emotion out of him.”

The video debuted before WrestleMania 14 and showcased icons such as Freddie Blassie, Gorilla Monsoon, Pat Patterson, Killer Kowalski, and Ernie Ladd talking about their past before turning their attention to the stars of today and noting that now the old stars cheer for them.

h/t Wrestling Inc