Ex-WWE Star Tells Weak Hall Of Famer “Kiss My Ass”

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Lacey Evans has not held back with her thoughts on WWE Hall of Famer Sgt Slaughter and his daughter after they had lots to say about her last run in WWE.

During the dying days of Evans’ time as a WWE Superstar, she went back to her military roots, wearing camouflage gear, a drill instructor’s hat, and using Sgt Slaughter’s secret weapon – the Cobra Clutch.

While this may have been seen as a homage to Slaughter – despite the fact he never actually served in the military unlike Evans – the WWE Hall of Famer hit out over Lacey Evans’ character with his daughter also having lots to say against Evans’ portrayal on social media.

Lacey Evans Tells WWE Hall Of Famer Sgt Slaughter “Kiss My Ass”

Speaking to Chris Van Vliet on his Insight podcast, Lacey Evans gave her side of that story and said she thought that Sgt Slaughter would at least realise that her character and choice of moves were not down to her:

I think they’re frickin weak. Remember that weak word we just talked about? Yeah. And no disrespect to like Hall of Famers in WWE that have paved the way, he can kiss my ass and his daughter can too so record that. Have a good day. I don’t know where the hell that came from. They know the game. You go to work. You get told this is what you’re doing. And what a lot of people don’t know what was said and what was done and how they discussed it with him and they talked to him and that is none of my damn concern.

What do you call it in the military when you frickin you have seniors above you? You have a rank structure. In WWE when you’re a performer you’re like down here, whatever goes above your head is like a lot of times unless you start crying about it and go banging on doors. I don’t like that, I’m not gonna cry about it. You tell me what the f*ck you need, you tell me what time the bell rings and then and I’ll do whatever it is.

Then, because I got a family to feed, a husband I love, and I say that with conviction. Because I made sure I was in shape, I made sure I could do the flippy flops, the drop downs, and I made sure to create the character. They told me you’re gonna go out you’re gonna do the Cobra Clutch and he’s gonna come in and help and then whatever happened. Next thing you know he’s not out here, I’m still doing the Cobra Clutch.

But don’t get mad at me. Because I’m doing my job, you know what I mean? Or let’s have that conversation. Right? And at no point was that conversation ever had and whoever his daughter is, so from that side like, that was wild. It didn’t really ruffle my feathers. I kind of thought it was funny like you know, bless their f*cking hearts, but I didn’t lose no sleep over it. My family still got fed, and I still did what I f*cking needed to do. And I just hope they keep that same energy. That same kayfabe energy when they see me because I don’t do sh*t like that.

Lacey Evans revealed that Vince McMahon gave her permission to get pregnant under one condition during her time in WWE.

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