Ex-WWE Star Says Vince McMahon Booking Change Took Away Huge Victory

Vince McMahon WWE

A former WWE star claims Vince McMahon changed his mind about an important victory hours before a show.

Under the leadership of Triple H, WWE has become more focused on booking shows days or weeks in advance and making few changes ahead of going live. This is a big difference to how McMahon used to run things, with reports of multiple rewrites taking place up to and during events being commonplace.

Matt Riddle has now revealed that no match was safe from McMahon’s changes regardless of how high up on the card it was. During a recent virtual autograph session from ‘Signed by Superstars,’ The Original Bro explained that he was due to win the 2022 edition of Money In The Bank. This would be a huge moment for the star which could potentially lead to the main event scene and a World Title reign.

However, only hours before showtime, McMahon pulled the rug out from under Riddle, deciding to make Austin Theory Mr. Money In The Bank instead.

“Wanna hear something else cool? I was supposed to win Money in the Bank but Vince (McMahon) really likes Austin Theory and literally hours before, they changed it and Austin was added in and threw me off the ladder.

“After I took two huge ladder bumps off the RKO and everything else and it’s like… But, I love Austin Theory and I’m happy for him. Keep killing it bro.”

Theory went on to make multiple attempts to cash in his contract on Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. However, when he finally did get to use it, he instead targeted Seth Rollins and the United States Title but failed to defeat the star.

Matt Riddle Claims Brock Lesnar Stole His Royal Rumble Win

As well as Money In The Bank, Matt Riddle claims he was supposed to win the 2022 Royal Rumble. Unfortunately for the star, Brock Lesnar had other ideas and The Beast Incarnate seemingly entered the ring with the mission of winning the match regardless of the original plans.

H/T to POST Wrestling for the above transcription.