Ex-WWE Star Turns Himself In Over Murder

WWE logo over blurred Daniel Rodimer

A former Tough Enough and WWE star is facing serious charges after handing themselves into police regarding a murder.

Daniel Rodimer was a part of season 4 of Tough Enough which included The Miz and Ryback but was won by Daniel Puder. Rodimer was signed to a developmental deal in 2006 and made a handful of appearances on Sunday Night Heat. At a live event in 2007, Rodimer competed against WWE Champion John Cena before he was released from the company.

Rodimer went on to try to forge a career in politics, running for Nevada State Senate in 2018 before unsuccessfully running for the US House of Representatives in 2021 as a Republican candidate.

Now multiple sources have reported that Rodimer is the man who has handed himself in to police in relation to the death of Christopher Tapp in a hotel room in Las Vegas in October 2023. Tapp had been recently exonerated after serving 20 years in prison after being wrongfully convicted of killing a friend in 1996.

Tapp’s death had originally been classed as an accident but after blunt force trauma was found to his head, the ruling was then changed to murder. Although Rodimer has handed himself in, lawyers for him said that he “vigorously contests” the allegations according to 8News Now.

Bruce Prichard Reflected On Daniel Rodimer’s Time In WWE

Speaking on his Something To Wrestle podcast back in 2021, WWE executive Bruce Prichard discussed Rodimer’s time with the company and ultimately why it didn’t work out for him there:

Well, I think that a lot of people like Dan. Big Dan, when you looked at him, that was someone that you could see, you know, on a poster for WrestleMania. He had the look. He had the personality. However, he was missing ‘it.’”

He approached the business as a work instead of approaching it as a shoot and then working it. That’s the big mistake with people. When they approach it, in the business, if you approach this as a work, ‘Hey man’, you just get through it because it’s all gaga, it will never get over. It may get over for a time, but it won’t stay over.

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