Ex-WWE Star Says Triple H “Really Cared” About Talent

Triple H on the mic

A former WWE star has given praise to the way they were treated by Triple H, saying that “he really gave a f*ck” about the talent.

Mia Yim spent two years as part of the NXT roster during her time in WWE. One of the higher-profile contests she was announced for was the 2019 War Games match, however she was replaced by Dakota Kai after being attacked by a mystery assailant before the match began.

Speaking on her YouTube channel about her time as part of the then black and gold brand, Mia Yim spoke highly of Triple H, and the fact he took the time to take her to one side to give her the news personally before the match was discussed as a group.

I was a part of the WarGames that I was taken out of, but before Hunter [Triple H] told us as a group, he and Sara [Del Rey] pulled me aside and said, ‘Hey, this is the deal, you’re going into WarGames but we’re gonna have you get taken out before the match, we just wanted to let you know so you don’t feel like you did something wrong.

Throughout my whole time in NXT, you could tell Hunter really gave a f*ck about all of us. He really f*cking cared about us, our feelings, and our health.

If there was something that bothered me, I would comfortably be able to go up to him and talk to him about it. At least in my experience, he went out of his way to let me know that I’m good, that this is nothing against me but I’m letting you know before we tell the group.

Mia Yim went on to discuss another occasion where Triple H went out of his way to check on her, after she ended up with a bloody nose in a ladder match with Io Shirai.

Hunter immediately ran over, he’s like, ‘Oh my god you’re such a badass, are you ok? Is there anything we can for you?’

In my experience, Hunter cares so f*cking much about us, he actually gives a sh*t. He could ask me to do another hardcore match and I would say yes because I know he wouldn’t put me in a situation where it would be unsafe and stupid.

I’ve seen him come and meet people once they come in the back after a really good match or something like that and for him to do that to me, I felt like I’ve accomplished what I needed to in that match.

It was good, it was an experience, but goddamn am I real happy to be involved in that match with Io [Shirai] and Kay Lee [Ray] and for Hunter to deem me a badass and to check on me like that. That goes a long, long way.

With thanks to Inside The Ropes for the transcription.