Ex-WWE Star Sylvain Grenier Opens Up About How He “Nearly Got Killed” Early In His Career

Ex-WWE Star Sylvain Grenier Opens Up About How He

Sylvain Grenier, renowned for his time with WWE as part of the La RĂ©sistance tag team alongside Rene Dupree, opened up about his early wrestling career.

During an insightful appearance on “Developmentally Speaking,” Grenier recounted his initial days in Ohio Valley Wrestling before transitioning to WWE, highlighting the unexpected challenges he encountered.

Grenier revealed his background as a performer and entertainer prior to wrestling, including various acting gigs. However, he was unprepared for the strict rules and cultural nuances of professional wrestling.

I nearly got killed. I was a f**king idiot.

He admitted. Grenier lamented the lack of formal instruction on respect within the wrestling industry, noting that while he naturally respected everyone, there was an unspoken level of respect unique to wrestling.

Despite understanding wrestling culture, Grenier described the experience as “some bulls**t, stupid s**t,” reflecting the internal conflict he faced while navigating the unfamiliar wrestling world. He portrayed his early days in OVW as diverse and vibrant, shaping his formative wrestling experience.

Grenier’s transition from entertainment to wrestling brought unexpected hurdles. Despite refereeing a match between Hulk Hogan and The Rock and considering himself part of the wrestling fraternity, he encountered a rude awakening when he inadvertently referred to The Big Show incorrectly.

No ‘Big Show’ it’s not ‘Big Show,’ it’s Paul. You know? So, in my head, it went that way, so I went there and I’m like, ‘Yeah, Paul’ because I said ‘Paul’ I got heat, ‘No, it’s not Paul, it’s Big Show.’

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