Ex-WWE Star Remarks On Her “Degrading” Gimmick

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A former female WWE Superstar has opened up on what she calls her “degrading” and “distasteful” gimmick while part of the company.

Back in 2010 former WWE Superstar Rosa Mendes was trying to prove her worth to the team of Layla and Michelle McCool in an effort to join their group. Mendes was seen jumping rope on WWE television and performing other exercises to try and impress LayCool.

Speaking on Ring The Belle, Rosa Mendes has reflected on that gimmick and says despite WWE staff telling her it was good she was getting TV time, Mendes says she looks back on the whole thing as “degrading”:

“I was trying to be in LayCool and I was trying to train to be in their group. And they’re like ok so you’ll train, train, train, and then they’re like well we don’t know if that’s gonna work. So then I’m like so I’m training backstage for no reason but they’re like you’re getting TV time. But still, at the end, there was no payoff. Like that was just degrading, I look back at that, that wasn’t good for a female represented as an athlete, it was very distasteful and rude.”

Rosa Mendes left WWE in 2017 announcing her retirement from professional wrestling. She made a brief return in 2018 but noted during her interview that it would be her final pro wrestling appearance.

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