Ex-WWE Star Recalls Being Told “You Hit Me Too Hard”

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Former WWE Superstar Ahmed Johnson has claimed that fellow roster members complained he hit them too hard during his tenure with the company.

Ahmed Johnson seemed destined for the very top when he made his WWE debut in 1995, immediately being featured alongside the likes of Shawn Michaels and Goldust in top storylines.

Despite winning the WWE Intercontinental Championship at King Of The Ring 1996, Johnson’s career failed to reach the heights that were originally anticipated.

One of his more memorable feuds came against Nation Of Domination member Faarooq, with the two battling at Royal Rumble 1997. Johnson would join forces with Legion Of Doom to take on the Nation at WrestleMania 13 before he shockingly joined the group after turning on The Undertaker in June 1997.

The run proved to be short lived, with injury sidelining Johnson who was replaced in the Nation Of Domination by Rocky Maivia, who would go on to legendary status as The Rock.

Johnson has not spoken kindly of his time in WWE in recent years, with his latest claim about hitting opponents too hard coming in an appearance on Developmentally Speaking:

“It didn’t seem like too much more bull in WCW. I mean, WWF guys [were like] ‘Man, you hit me too hard,’ or ‘Man, you’re rough with me.’ Definitely, not one guy complained man.

I don’t know if that made the WCW guys tougher, or if it just shows that the guys who were complaining in WWE were full of s**t.”

Ex-WWE Superstar Ahmed Johnson Claimed Faarooq Deliberately Injured Him

It is not the first time that Ahmed Johnson has been outspoken about his run in WWE.

In a previous interview on the Pounding The Meat podcast, Johnson suggested WWE Hall Of Famer Faarooq, real name Ron Simmons, had injured him deliberately:

“Yeah, I think he did [deliberately cause injury]. I think he was also jealous and upset because here he was, the first black champion in WCW, and then here I was becoming the first Intercontinental black champion in WWF. I think there was some jealousy there.”

Johnson added that the incident derailed his career, given the high-profile plans for him that had to be scrapped.

“The recovery set me back a little ways, man,” Johnson continued. “It messed my shot up at the world title with Shawn, which I heard I was gonna get the belt then. It really set me back, man. He really threw my career off track when he did that.”