Ex-WWE Star Defends Fans After Maxxine Dupri Turmoil

WWE Maxxine Dupri

Maxxine Dupri is working hard to progress in her WWE career but is there a case for the defence for fans who chose to boo the star?

Maxxine Dupri has wrestled just 13 times since making her in-ring debut on July 3rd, 2023. The star never wrestled in NXT as she arrived on the main roster as a valet, meaning she’s very much learning on the job.

However, wrestling crowds are not known as especially forgiving places. A clip has been doing the rounds on social media of Dupri making her way backstage at a recent live event to loud jeers from the crowd, with those captured in the clip less than impressed with her performance.

Rhea Ripley led WWE stars in defending Maxxine Dupri while calling out the fans who booed her. However, a former WWE star has suggested that the reaction should not have been too surprising.

WWE Should Take Heat For Maxxine Dupri Situation

Speaking on Figure Four Daily Live, Lance Storm gave his thoughts on the situation and suggested that at one time it was accepted that if fans pay their money, they can boo and cheer who they like:

You could argue if you buy a ticket to the number one promotion in the world you shouldn’t be seeing people learning. I don’t know. What happened to people buy their ticket, they’re allowed to boo and cheer, isn’t that what they said with John Cena?

I would put the heat on the company if she’s not ready to be out there. I think I’ve seen the woman wrestle once so I don’t know if she’s ready or not. But that’s something you should take into consideration and take into consideration how much damage on her confidence and her emotional stability in the ring throwing her into the deep end like that can do.

You don’t want to put a person in water over their head where this could happen. You want to encourage them to be strong because you can get all kinds of horrendous reactions. I’m quite sure some of the women were thrilled at getting crack whore chants.

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