Ex-WWE Star To Make Return And Join Uncle Howdy?

uncle howdy WWE smackdown

Uncle Howdy could have backup when he returns to WWE.

During the Bray Wyatt documentary that premiered on April 1st, it was teased that Uncle Howdy — also known as Bo Dallas, would be heading back to WWE. The star had been working with real-life brother Wyatt before his untimely death in August 2023.

Dallas re-joined WWE to portray the Uncle Howdy character in late 2022 and has remained under contract since.

During the April 8th episode of Monday Night Raw, the lights went out in the arena as a short snippet of the song “Nightbird” by Marti Amado played. The lights came back on as the music ended and it wasn’t referenced again. Elsewhere, during a Bronson Reed promo, there was a static glitch before the message “Hello” popped up on the screen.

On the following edition of SmackDown, “Nightbird” was played again, and later in the show, there was an on-screen glitch during the match between Bianca Belair & Jade Cargill vs. Chelsea Green & Piper Niven. This time the message read “You forgot about us.”

Fans have been quick to notice that the teases are reminiscent of those used by WWE when Bray Wyatt returned in 2022.

Erick Rowan To Join Uncle Howdy In WWE?

Meanwhile, East Coast Pro Wrestling has announced that Erick Rowan has pulled out of an upcoming appearance. Interestingly, the post says Rowan informed the promotion of the change due to “new contractual obligations” which will prevent him from making several dates.

This has sparked speculation that not only is Rowan heading back to WWE, but that he could be linking up with Uncle Howdy. Rowan formed part of the original Wyatt Family and worked alongside Wyatt for several years.

Some fans have taken this new detail to mean that Rowan was part of the “us” referenced in the tease on SmackDown.

However, others believe it could be linked to Alexa Bliss. The former Women’s Champion is training for a return to the ring and also worked closely with Wyatt while he performed as The Fiend.