Ex-WWE Star Jokes About Undignified On-Screen Exit

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One former WWE star has poked fun at the way they were written out of the company in a very undignified way.

The No Quarter Catch Crew found themselves a member down again as Damon Kemp announced he was no longer under contract with WWE.

That follows the NQCC’s Drew Gulak also leaving WWE recently although Gulak’s exit was under somewhat more of a cloud. Drew Gulak had been accused of inappropriate behaviour by Ronda Rousey and reports suggested he had been released by the company along with some other NXT stars. However, a vexed Triple H refuted those reports and said Gulak’s contract had simply not been renewed.

While Triple H did not confirm if his exit from the company had anything to do with Ronda Rousey’s allegations, Gulak stopped appearing on NXT TV with the No Quarter Catch Crew after they were made. The group was then seen with The Family apparently alluding to a deal that saw Tony D’Angelo’s crew dispose of Gulak.

Damon Kemp Sees The Funny Side Of WWE Send-Off

Now the No Quarter Catch Crew have been at it again on the 9th of July edition of NXT. Charlie Dempsey, Myles Borne, and Tavion Heights were seen slamming the trunk of a car while Dempsey screamed about mistakes not being tolerated. The inference was that Damon Kemp was in the trunk and remained there while the group drove away presumably to dispose of him as well.

Now Kemp – under his real name of Bobby Steveson – has taken to social media to share a joke about his inglorious on-screen exit:

It’s alright, Myles turnt the AC up for me

Damon Kemp is the brother of Olympic gold medallist Gable Steveson who himself was released by WWE in May 2024.