Controversial Ex-WWE Star Teases Goldberg Retirement Match


WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg wants one final match and now a polarising former Intercontinental Champion wants to be the one to give him it.

Goldberg became an overnight sensation in WCW in the late nineties before going on to have two spells in WWE that saw him capture both the World Heavyweight and Universal Championships.

Speaking on Busted Open Radio, Goldberg was asked if he wanted to have one final match before calling it a day and he revealed he would but needs to get some work done on his body first:

Oh, man, I’d love to—100%. I have to get my torn rotator cuff taken care of finally because, yeah, we all live with these injuries, dude, right? And I’ll come out and say it when I came back with Brock [Lesnar], and nobody ever knew this. I came back with Brock that first night, and in Denver, I blew my rotator cuff completely. And I never told anybody about it. And I kept working through it. And you know, because you have this sparing…your work sparingly once or twice a year, right? So I can crescendo and get as strong as I can.

I ain’t doing sh*t till I get that done, then that’s hopefully coming up. You know, I’m doing stem cells here soon, and then I’m going to see if surgeries needed. But yeah, man, I’d love to have one more match. You know how it is. Vince [McMahon] and I spoke about it, and he gave me his word. But all that stuff happened, and, hey, man, I don’t hold grudges. Vince gave me so many opportunities, man. I’ll be forever grateful. But yeah, I would absolutely love to have that final match. I would. Am I good not having it? Yeah, I’m fine with it. But it’d be neat to have one.

Ryback Suggests WrestleMania City For Goldberg’s Retirement

Now taking to social media, former WWE Intercontinental Champion Ryback has teased a match with Goldberg and suggested it could take place at WrestleMania 41:

Las Vegas is a hell of a place to get retired in.

Goldberg admitted he didn’t have an opponent in mind for his final match and suggested that he didn’t need a company like WWE or AEW backing him to have it. Despite that, it seems exceedingly unlikely that he’d face Ryback in one last match with Ryback not competing in the ring since 2018.