Ex-WWE Star Still Believes Gable Steveson Can Do Great Things

Gable Steveson WWE

According to a former WWE Superstar, Gable Steveson is on the road to huge success.

Steveson is only the second-ever Olympic Gold Medalist to sign for WWE following in the footsteps of Hall of Famer Kurt Angle.

After winning Gold in Freestyle Wrestling at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, Steveson signed for WWE.

Despite only making brief appearances, including delivering a suplex to Chad Gable at WrestleMania 38, a former United States Champion has seen enough of the Olympian to claim “he can do great things”.

Steveson is being trained by Ken Anderson, who lifted the US Championship and won Money In The Bank during his time in WWE working as Mr Anderson.

Ken Anderson has been discussing life as a trainer on The Kurt Angle Show and what it is like developing the next set of Superstars.

Comparing the Olympic Winner’s development to how Kurt Angle rose to success in WWE by understanding character development, Ken Anderson shared how he can see the same traits in Gable Steveson.

“He’s really taken to it,”

“He’s one of those guys, I remember, he took his first bump, and I told him, ‘Get up this way,’ and he got up the wrong way. Before I even said anything, he just went, ‘Oh–‘ reversed himself back down and did it almost perfectly the first time.

“People will often say that Kurt took to the business like nobody they’ve ever seen before, that he got it immediately, and you got not only the athletic side of things, but you got the showmanship, the storytelling, and the character stuff. I feel like Gable is on that path. He can do great things,”

“He’s young. He’s very young, but he’s already a man. You know, he’s very young, but when I’m talking to him, he seems you’re talking to an old soul like he’s in his 30s.”

Ken Anderson has been working with several up-and-coming stars including NXT’s Tiffany Stratton who is currently competing in a tournament to win the NXT Women’s Championship.

Anderson’s base The Academy, has also seen AEW’s Julia Hart, Dante, and Darius Martin through its doors.

“[I trained Tiffany Stratton]. I did, yeah. For the first six months that she started. There’s a couple of other people in WWE, too. Von Wagner, Javier Bernal,”

“There’s a couple. Then in AEW, Dante and Darius Martin was our first graduate actually at The Academy, Dante Martin, Julia Hart…”

H/t to Fightful