Ex-WWE Star Wins First Match In Six Years

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A former WWE superstar won their first match in over six years after spending several years away from the business.

Alicia Fox is one of the longest-tenured women’s wrestlers in the history of WWE. She was hired in 2006 and had a run that lasted 13 years until she was released in 2019.

There was a cameo appearance by Alicia Fox in the WWE Women’s Royal Rumble in 2022 where she lasted about six minutes before being eliminated.

In her first match in over two years since the Royal Rumble, Fox wrestled as Vix Crow at a show called “HER” in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia.

At the “HER” show, Crow faced off against six-time WWE Women’s Champion Mickie James, who was the main booker of the show. Despite not being in the ring that often for years, Crow found a way to get the win over James.

An incredible stat about Crow’s match is that it was her first singles match since the April 22, 2019 edition of WWE Raw when she lost to Becky Lynch. Meanwhile, the last time that Crow/Fox won a singles match was on the July 30, 2018, episode of Raw when she beat Natalya.

You can check out clips of the match below showing that Crow/Fox hasn’t lost a step while James is still an incredible wrestler as well.

How Many Titles Did Alicia Fox Win In WWE?

During her decade-plus run in WWE, Alicia Fox was a one-time Divas Champion. She won the title on June 10, 2010 and lost it 56 days later to Melina. Fox also held the “coveted” 24/7 Title one time as well.