Ex-WWE Star Felt No Sadness Over Firing

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Since leaving WWE, Mustafa Ali has been tearing up the independent world and has made his mark in TNA so it’s maybe no wonder he wasn’t sad about his WWE release.

Mustafa Ali was among several WWE stars released by the company in September 2023. The mass firing came just weeks after Endeavor completed its takeover of WWE and was the first one in the company since Vince McMahon temporarily stepped down in July 2022.

Mustafa Ali Bet On Himself After WWE Exit

Speaking on Straight Talk Wrestling, Mustafa Ali was asked about his release from WWE and admitted that he felt no sadness about it and expected it to happen:

Expected, but there was no emotional, like, sadness associated with it. I’m a very business-oriented person. I know what I’m capable of. WWE is a huge entity, it’s a promotional machine and oftentimes what happens is guys at the top of the card are in those positions for a reason and obviously, we always hear about the revenue-breaking records that they’re making. So they obviously know what they’re doing.

I, as an individual, always believed in the mantra of if you really believe in it, you’re willing to bet on yourself, right? And I was willing to bet on myself a year-and-a-half or two years ago, whenever it was (that I first asked for my release) and that’s all it really came down to. I know what I’m capable of.

In two months, I’ve already taken over the industry. Sold-out show after sold-out show. I can’t keep enough merchandise. It’s like I’m the hottest free agent in the world right now… in like 60 days? So, I bet on myself, it’s already paid dividends and I’m excited for what the future holds.

Since leaving WWE, Mustafa Ali has had a huge impact on the independent scene and has found success in TNA where he is the current X-Division Champion.

h/t POST Wrestling