Ex-WWE Star Felt Bad For The Undertaker Following Infamous Match

The Undertaker WWE Hall of Fame

There was concern for The Undertaker following a famous match.

At Super ShowDown in 2019, WWE headed to Saudi Arabia for the third event as part of its relatively new deal with the kingdom. However, the event, and one match in particular is remembered for all the wrong reasons.

At the event, The Undertaker took on and defeated Goldberg, but the bout included several scary moments. Goldberg suffered a concussion during the match and almost dropped Undertaker on his head while delivering a Jackhammer. The Deadman was struggling for fitness during this period and later described the match as a disaster.

Speaking on his Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast, Hardy recalled watching the match backstage with much of the locker room. The veteran revealed many were worried about the match, and those fears were quickly realised.

“I remember watching it beside Randy Orton, it was a locker room sell-out. I just remember that deal where Taker came down on his head, the looks in between people, [they] were pretty shocked by it. […] So yeah, [in] 99, it would have been a huge match, whatever.

But I think I think a lot of people, I think a lot of the talent were worried the match was going to be what it ended up being as opposed to like being able to kind of get through something that was solid but quick and impactful. And unfortunately, I think there were a lot of people that thought it might end up being like it was ended up being that way.”

Hardy said there wasn’t really a negative fallout he can remember, he was just happy Undertaker was okay.

“Nothing that I witnessed. I was just glad Taker was okay because a couple of those things were pretty bad. And I kind of felt bad for Bill too.”

The veteran added there wasn’t any heat on Goldberg about the match as he wasn’t really around WWE at that point. Hardy said he’s personally never had any issues with Goldberg, and he felt bad for the former WCW star and ‘Taker after the match.

“Yeah, he wasn’t around a lot. It’s hard to have heat if you’re someone who’s not around. They’re just bringing you in because the Saudis want to pay a tonne of money for you to perform. And you know, there’s people that hate Bill Goldberg, Bret Hart, he’s one that stands out more than anybody else.

But I’ve always gotten along fine with him and he’s always been friendly, whatever else. I’ve never had to work with him at a top-level main event level program either but I got along fine with him. I liked him and I like Taker. So I just felt bad for them because they just had a rough go at it.”

The Undertaker Says WWE Retirement Was A Relief

After the match with Goldberg, The Deadman wrestled just three more times as he searched for the perfect way to end his career. The Undertaker finally retired after being AJ Styles at WrestleMania 36 in a cinematic Boneyard Match.

In a recent interview, the WWE legend said the match was a relief, confirming it was originally meant to be a standard singles match before the COVID-19 pandemic intervened.

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