Ex-WWE Star Says Company “Dropped The Ball” With Infamous Angle

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Although many would have called the angle absurd, a former WWE star feels that there was plenty more could have been done with it.

It was in the Summer of 1999 when Al Snow replaced his beloved head with Pepper the dog. This didn’t end up well for him, as he was eventually fed his pet by the Big Bossman, leading to the pair squaring off inside the infamous Dog Kennel at Unforgiven.

Whilst the structure was meant to have rabid dogs in between the cage and the cell, the spectacle was anything but that as they spent more time peeing than being interested in going after either of the competitors.

“Making Shoe Polish From Crap”

In a discussion with, Al Snow opened up on how he feels WWE dropped the ball with the storyline between the pair.

I would say that if I’m not trying to, you know, please understand, I’m not trying to shift the heat or, you know, disparage anybody, just being realistic and being honest. If the company had not dropped the ball, I think it could have been, as far as relatability, I think that it could have been a really amazing storyline. Yeah, I really think so.

I think that, you know, no one doesn’t relate to having their pet stolen, and then, you know, something so cruel as being fed to them, but when you arrive at the payoff, when you’ve made the crux of the match, the story, the conflict, that has to be resolved, the dogs, animals, you know, every week since I heard the initial pitch, I was like, we’re gonna have highly trained, vocally commanded animals in this scenario.

Then when you arrive, and there’s multiple animals, with multiple owners that the company waited until that morning of the pay-per-view to contact a local veterinarian clinic to get owners of particular breed of dogs that then went out and urinated, defecated, fornicated, and you couldn’t even show them on the air nor interact with them, well then you’ve completely hamstrung the whole thing.

Continuing on, Al Snow acknowledges the pair did the best they could, as the show must always go on.

It’s unfortunate that happened, but ultimately for both myself and Ray Traylor, God bless his soul, you know, Big Boss Man, we were responsible for taking crap and making shoe polish out of it. That’s the number one thing you got to do in wrestling. The show always goes on.