Ex-WWE Star Calls Hall Of Fame “A Scam”

WWE Hall of Fame logo over roster

A former WWE manager has labelled the company’s Hall of Fame as a scam and says a formerly want-away star could be inducted in relatively short order.

Dutch Mantell who has previously the likes of Justin ‘Hawk’ Bradshaw, Jack Swagger, and Cesaro in WWE gave his thoughts on the WWE Hall of Fame. Many view the honour of the induction as prestigious while some have remarked on certain individuals being inducted that maybe weren’t at the very top of the pro wrestling world.

Speaking on Story Time With Dutch Mantell, ‘Dirty Dutch’ discussed the WWE Hall of Fame as part of a discussion on Sasha Banks and Naomi and their status in the company. Mantell says that if Sasha Banks were to step away from the company and retire, she’d still be inducted because of the exposure it would give:

“The Hall of Fame is a bigger scam because it has no rhyme nor reason. But I guarantee if Sasha Banks, if she comes back to WWE. If Sasha Banks retires next year, she’ll be in the hall of fame in two years because they can’t pass up that exposure.”

The latest reports on Sasha Banks and Naomi suggest that both women have returned to the internal roster in the company.