Ex-WWE Star Calls AEW Switch The Greatest Thing To Ever Happen To Them

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A former WWE star who made the leap to AEW if grateful for the opportunities the company has given him.

Paul Wight first appeared in WWE in February 1999 when he tried to help Vince McMahon defeat Steve Austin in a Cage Match at that year’s St. Valentine’s Day Massacre event. Unfortunately, by throwing Austin through the cage, he accidentally handed the Texas Rattlesnake the victory instead.

Now known as Big Show, Wight spent the next two decades as a regular feature of WWE TV and captured four World Championships as well as having reigns with the United States, Intercontinental, and Tag Team titles.

In January 2021, Wight made an appearance on a Legends special edition of Raw which proved to be his last for the company as he left only weeks later when his contract expired.

Shortly after departing WWE, Paul Wight announced that he had joined AEW and would be providing commentary for the now-defunct Dark: Elevation YouTube series as well as competing in the ring.

During a recent appearance on The Yes Network, Wight was asked about moving to AEW after so long in WWE. The star had nothing but positive things to say about his current home, even going so far as to call it “the greatest thing that’s ever happened” to him.

“It’s been fantastic. I was blessed to work for a big company for a lot of years all over the world. Now, at my stage of the game, to find myself useful in a company that allows me to spread a lot of my knowledge to the younger talent, get a chance to get on the microphone every now and then and enhance them, help their characters along and then get in the ring and mix it up.

“It’s probably the single greatest thing that’s ever happened to me. I’m blessed, grateful, and thankful for the fans that still like to see me do my thing.”

How Long Will Paul Wight Continue To Wrestle In AEW?

During an interview in October, Paul Wight revealed he plans to wrestle in AEW for another two years. The star said that once he hangs up his boots for good, he will focus on helping younger talent and doing more commentary for the company.

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