Ex-WWE Star Angered Over Eddie Guerrero’s Merch Money

Eddie Guerrero Rey Mysterio

Chavo Guerrero has spoken about his cousins, the daughters of the late, great Eddie Guerrero making no money from merchandise WWE continues to produce.

Eddie Guerrero tragically passed away at the age of just 38 in November 2005, leaving behind his wife Vickie, and three daughters. Such was the legacy of Guerrero that wrestling fans continue to chant for Eddie and his trademark moves such as the frog splash and the Three Amigos suplexes continue to be used in tribute to the star to this day.

Guerrero’s name has come up more than once in recent years in WWE due to the rise of Dominik Mysterio. Mysterio has continued to ape the man he calls his real father’s move set to anger his actual father Rey Mysterio. Merchandise has been produced similar to that of Eddie’s – particularly the “I’m Your Mami” t-shirt produced for Rhea Ripley due to her close association with Dominik.

Speaking to Chris Van Vliet on the Insight podcast, Chavo Guerrero explained his frustration that Eddie Guerrero’s daughters do not benefit from the merchandise WWE continues to sell in their father’s name, particularly those associated with Dominik Mysterio:

[It bothers me] When Eddie’s daughters aren’t reaping the benefits, yes. To me, I’m always looking – and if anybody should be making money off of Eddie Guerrero, it should be Eddie’s daughters.

Eddie Guerrero’s Situation Likened To Elvis Pressley’s

When Van Vliet interjects to say that he’s sure that Eddie’s daughters are still making money from it, Chavo noted that from discussions he’s had with them, he does not believe they are:

I don’t know that’s correct. At least talking to them about it. I’m not them. I’m not the say all be all, but that’s something that I would definitely wish that they were.

That’s her dad, they shouldn’t have to worry about that. That should be in his will. His persona, his name, and his likeness should be to them. Just like Elvis Presley, it first went to Priscilla, but his granddaughter who was in that when did the TV show right, Riley? She owns Graceland now. She had a fight with Priscilla for it for a little bit from what I understand. But she owns that. It’s the daughter’s, you know, and then after her mom died. After Lisa Marie died it went to her. But Lisa Marie had owned that Graceland stuff.

So Eddie’s daughters don’t have that and that upsets me a little bit. I mean, anybody, right? It should have gone to the daughters for sure. So that’s maybe something we hopefully can change in the future. I really would wish that for them because not for me. I don’t need to, I got my own thing. Yeah, let them make the money off of their father.

Chavo Guerrero is part of the new movie The Iron Claw and at its LA premiere, John Cena came face-to-face with AEW World Champion MJF.

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