Ex-WWE Star Admits They Thought ECW Zombie Was “A Rib”

The ECW Zombie

Whilst wrestling can be full of crazy characters, a former WWE star thought it was meant to be a joke when they heard about the ECW zombie.

The ECW brand was granted its revival under the WWE banner on the Sci-Fi Network on 13th June 2006. Whilst many of the company’s top stars were involved in the reincarnation, WWE clearly had some of their own creative influences to aid the relationship with its broadcast partner.

One of the was to bring in a zombie for the inaugural episode – a zombie who didn’t last very long when The Sandman got hold of him during an influence segment.

“What A Disgrace”

In a discussion during a K&S Virtual Signing, The Sandman discussed the segment and how he thought it was a rib when he saw the character.

I thought it was a rib. I thought they were ribbing me, because it was the first night that we were going on Sci-Fi, and it’s a big building. I just come around one of the corners or something and they got they got a zombie there and they had an alien, like a little dude with a green suit on and big eyes. I’m like, ‘What a disgrace. This is what I’ve turned my career into.’ I’m like, well, at least I’m not gonna get hurt today you know? Vince saw me as [best used in segments.] He never saw me as a match guy, it’s the best way to use me, too. Yeah, it’s downhill after that.

Sandman was eventually released by WWE in September 2007. During the signing he also revealed that there was a plan for him to become part of a WCW faction at one point.

With thanks to Fightful for the transcription.