Ex-WWE Talent Shoots Down Claims He Sued The Company

Triple H WWE

Long-time wrestling fans will remember the infamous moment when a young Triple H dropped his opponent right on the top of his head following a Pedigree, but what happened next has now been cleared up.

Then known as Hunter Heart-Helmsley, Triple H took on Marty Garner on an episode of Superstars that aired on the 1st of June 1996. Triple H looked to put his opponent away with the Pedigree but Garner didn’t really know what that meant and ended up landing hard on the top of his head.

Speaking on the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling, Garner reflected on the infamous moment and shoots down any suggestion that he sued WWE as a result of the nasty bump:

“[Triple H] was new up there, I’m new up there doing some jobs. He said, ‘Can you take the Pedigree?’ I said, ‘Absolutely!’ I had no idea what the Pedigree was. I was just gonna kick. When he locked me in, and I kicked, it looked like a double-underhook piledriver.

“He said, ‘Geez, you alright?’ I said, ‘Bro, I’m good.’ He goes, ‘Oh my god’ and he pinned me. He goes to the back, and when I come through the curtain, he says, ‘You sure you’re okay?’ ‘Brother, I’m fine!’

“There was a rumor I sued WWE, [but] I never thought about suing WWE. I was just happy to be there and do a TV match.”

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h/t Wrestling Inc.