Ex-WWE Referee Recalls Altercation With Randy Savage In WCW – “He Could Have Killed Me”

WWE legend Macho Man Randy Savage

“Macho Man” Randy Savage is one of the most iconic figures in wrestling history, but one official didn’t start their relationship on the right foot.

Speaking on a recent episode of Monday Mailbag (courtesy of AdFreeShows), former WWE and WCW referee Nick Patrick named Randy Savage as one of the few people he ever needed to have words with backstage, citing “big ego stuff” as the culprit.

“There’s very few people that I’ve ever had words with within the business, and I never, ever came close to coming to blows in the business, and Macho Man was one of them. He could have killed me and that was okay. If it came to it, he was going to have to. We had words. People are people, man. All that big ego stuff just irritates the crap out of me.”

Continuing, Nick Patrick detailed the cause of his issues with Randy Savage, saying the confrontation stemmed from being carelessly thrown into a painful set decoration.

“We did a match where it was a run in. I remember on the set, the big WCW entrance, they had that big metal welded star-figured looking gimmick that had WCW in the middle of it. Well, he took me and slung me into that. There were jagged, pointed edges on it. There was nowhere to hit it that didn’t hurt like a son of a bitch.

“I thought, well damn, all he had to do was push me this way instead of grabbing me and throwing me into this monstrosity piece of crap over here that I can’t take a good bump. No matter what kind of bump I take, it’s gonna hurt like hell. So I took a bump and it kind of ticked me off and I didn’t say anything.”

“We went and we had TV. I forgot where it was. I think it might have been down in Florida somewhere. He comes through and says, ‘Hey brother.’ He didn’t always shake everybody’s hand, but he did say, ‘Hey brother’ when he came in. He walked by with, ‘Hey brother.’

“I said, ‘Hey man, don’t ever do that sh*t to me again. ‘He says, ‘What are you talking about brother?’ I said, ‘You took me and slung me like a piece of crap into this thing. Here’s some marks on me and there was no way I could take a bump in that without it killing me. Push me and I’ll take whatever bump, but don’t do that to me again.’

“He looked at me goes, ‘You mean to tell me all the stuff your daddy did in this business, you’re gonna wine and cry about that?’ I said, ‘Well, my daddy is the one that taught me not to let dumb asses hurt me.’ We kind of got face to face with each other right there.”

“We Had Words” – Nick Patrick On Confronting Randy Savage

Nick Patrick then detailed being confronted by Hulk Hogan about the situation before he once again spoke heatedly with Randy Savage.

“I guess he went and bitched to Hulk and Eric, or whatever because Hulk came up to me later and said, ‘What’s the deal with you and Macho?’ I told him and he just kind of blew it off. I guess he heard Macho just go off and bitch about all kinds of people.”

“So anyway, we had words at another TV and it was kind of the same type of thing, face to face. This one was out west though. We were out in Wyoming somewhere. That night, we all went to a club and we were in Cheyenne, Wyoming. There was a big club. It was packed with people and all the boys kind of stayed together in one spot.”

Despite their harsh words with one another, Nick Patrick said he was ready to defend Randy Savage in a barroom confrontation shortly after their heated exchange backstage. Eventually, he and Savage came to an understanding and “everything was cool.”

“I saw Macho go around the end of the bar to try to get a drink. It was getting kind of slow there where he was at. When he did, these two cowboys kind of hemmed him up on the end of the bar and I can see there was some sh*t was happening. So I went down to have his back, man. I just took my beer bottle. If I had to whack somebody in the head, I’m going to whack him in the head and here we go.

“Even though we had words with each other, I wasn’t gonna let one of us in the group. get hemmed up by somebody. Everybody else was busy laughing, having a laugh and roar. They didn’t see what was going on. So I went down and I walked up on the group. These two have got him in the corner. Now I’m behind them and they’re in the middle of us. ‘Okay, so now it’s not two on one. It’s two on two.’ I couldn’t hear all the words, but they saw that I had my bottle in my hand about to bash one of them in the fu**ing head with it. They went off over to their group and we came back to our group.”

“So we sat down at the bar and he said, ‘We’ll have two beers over here. They brought me two beers and he goes, ‘You know, I think you and I got off on the wrong foot.’ I said, ‘Yeah, I believe we did, man’. We shook hands and never had a problem ever again after that. We worked together and everything was cool.”