Ex-WWE Presenter Blasts “Horsesh*t” Company Image

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A former WWE presenter is less than impressed with how their exit was handled.

Matt Camp joined WWE in September 2019 and became a regular fixture on The Bump. The presenter also appeared on several other shows before being quietly released in February 2024.

Since leaving the company Camp has launched his own podcast The Wrestling Matt, giving his thoughts on all things wrestling. On the latest episode of the show he addressed his departure from WWE and why it left such a bad taste in his mouth.

Camp began by recalling speaking with Michael Cole after being let go by an HR representative.

“As everybody knows, or maybe you don’t, because I have answered some tweets that don’t understand that I don’t work for WWE anymore, have not since early February. I was told by Michael Cole when that happened, and he was not the one who let me go. It was an HR representative.

I was told it had nothing to do with anything I did. It was a cost-cutting measure, whatever you want to do call it, we’re tightening the budget. I reached out to Michael Cole, and I said, ‘Hey, anything you can tell me?’ He was basically, ‘Okay, I guess you heard,’ and more changes coming to the team.

I think McKenzie [Mitchell] had been let go a little bit before, Kevin Patrick would move on after that,”

Matt Camp Says WWE’s Handling Of Exit Was “Pretty Sh*tty”

The presenter went on to explain that his disappointment came from the process around his departure. Camp pointed out there was no announcement about his release, he simply disappeared from The Bump. He added that just before being let go The Rock showed up at headquarters and gave a speech about the company being a family — something he said is “horsesh*t.”

“I was basically told more changes would be coming, and we have seen executives leave the company and wrestlers leave the company. Changes have been coming. I think we saw a writer leave the company over the weekend, at least it got announced that way. Let me tell you this, a lot of this news that trickles out, unless it comes from the people itself, it doesn’t mean it happened right there and then.

The story about me getting let go from WWE, that came out a week after it happened. I chose to keep quiet. It was my call. I was mentally shell-shocked at the time, but it came out a week after, and that’s when I started to get the messages and all that stuff. That included from talent within the company. They didn’t know. That’s how I chose to handle it, and WWE did not put any announcement out, and I just disappeared.

I disappeared off The Bump, I disappeared off the shows, they made no mention of it, which admittedly I thought was pretty sh*tty. I’m not asking for a future endeavors thing or anything like that. But that tells you what family means when you work for a company. It doesn’t mean sh*t. You’re a number, and that’s what I was. I understand that.

But that whole family and ‘we’re family,’ it’s total horsesh*t. I had, three weeks prior to my release, The Rock showed up at headquarters, tell me what a big family this this, and shaking hands and we’re so happy to have you all aboard, and I went though these town hall meetings after a bunch of cuts happened, and it was very, ‘You’re still here for a reason.’ Then you’re gone, and people get let go, and that’s part of the business, I get that.

But that whole family bullsh*t, and Rock’s like, ‘Let’s take a picture with everybody in it because I want to show that I was here.’ I’m in that picture, and then I’m not there a couple weeks later. It’s all who’s making the money. What’s the bottom line? It’s a business, I get that. I’m not mad about that. That happens, but people move on, and they go along,”

On a previous episode, Matt Camp said WWE would like fans rather than journalists to attend its press conferences.

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