Ex-WWE Official Was “Shocked To See Cody Rhodes Go Back”

Cody Rhodes

A former longtime WWE official has opened up on ex-AEW star Cody Rhodes returning to WWE in early 2022 and admits they were “shocked” by the move.

AEW in 2022 does not have its troubles to seek. Former Executive Vice President Cody Rhodes and his wife and Chief Brand Officer Brandi Rhodes left the company early in the year with The American Nightmare making a huge return to WWE at WrestleMania 38.

MJF caused an uproar with his actions before Double Or Nothing as his backstage frustrations became very public as he seemingly pushed for an exit of his own.

Then after All Out in early September CM Punk took aim at various people in the company at the post-show media scrum which led to an alleged backstage fight for which Punk, The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, and company producer Ace Steel are all seemingly suspended.

Speaking on The Universal Wrestling podcast, former long-time WWE referee Mike Chioda discussed his shock at Cody Rhodes returning to WWE and thinks AEW should make use of some of the experience in the company to right the ship:

“AEW’s got a hell of a lot of talent over there right now. I was shocked to see Cody go back, I really was. When Cody started with Tony Khan, this whole starting AEW, I was just shocked that Cody went back and Tony Khan let him go. So you knew there was things going haywire up on the top already before all this.”

“I think they’ll work it out. You got a lot of old-school talent. You got Big Show. You got Regal there! You know, make somebody the Head of Talent Relations. I wouldn’t bring in Johnny Laurinaitis, but you need a guy that’s always been there to take the heat like Johnny Laurinaitis or Jim Ross and so forth to handle your talent. And that’s what Vince did, he always had somebody to handle the talent.”

h/t Wrestling Inc.