Ex-WWE Official Recalls Sinking His Teeth Into Randy Orton

Randy Orton

WWE officials aren’t exempt from in-ring injury as Mike Chioda found out when he lost two teeth in Randy Orton’s skull.

Mike Chioda worked for the WWE for more than three decades before being released from his contract in 2020. Throughout his career, he worked with some of the top stars in the company, including Steve Austin, The Rock, John Cena, and Randy Orton.

Speaking in a recent interview with Steve Fall on The Ten Count, Chioda detailed the time disaster struck during a match as his teeth became lodged inside Randy Orton’s head during a mis-timed spot. The mistake was a bloody one for both men.

“My teeth have been in Randy Orton’s head. I remember one time, I meant to go pull them off and went down and he came up. My front two teeth were right at the top of his head and he started gushing the blood. He’s looking at me, goes, ‘You’re all right?’ I’m like, ‘My teeth are still there!’ It’s a TV match and I’m like, ‘Is my teeth still there?’ He’s like, ‘Yeah.’ I’m like, ‘Holy! You’re juicing from the top of your head!'”

Elsewhere in the interview, Chioda admitted he still doesn’t know why WWE chose to release him in 2020 after 31 years of service to the company.

Orton himself has over two decades under his belt with the WWE after making his debut on a 2002 episode of SmackDown. He last wrestled on a May 2022 episode of SmackDown, teaming with Matt Riddle in a losing effort against The Usos in a match for the Raw and SmackDown Tag Team Championships. Since that time, The Viper has been out of action with a severe back injury. The injury is significant enough that, according to Orton’s father, some physicians have advised him not to return to the ring.

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