Ex-WWE Star Can’t Explain Mercedes Moné Not Returning

Mercedes Mone

A former WWE superstar has given her thoughts on Mercedes Mone not returning to the company where she was known as Sasha Banks.

Mercedes Mone (as Sasha Banks) did it all during her run in WWE for about a decade. She won the major singles titles on the main roster, she was a Women’s Tag Team Champion and an NXT Women’s Champion as well.

When Mone left WWE in May 2022 along with tag team partner Naomi, they did so apparently due to frustrations with the creative direction. Neither woman specifically said that was the exact reason, though. After a run in TNA for about eight months in 2023 and early 2024, Naomi returned to WWE at the Royal Rumble while Mone has other plans.

In late December, there were discussions between Mone and WWE about a return to the company, but those talks fell apart. It was reported on New Year’s Day 2024 that Mercedes Mone had agreed to a deal with AEW.

Ariane Andrew was known as Cameron during her WWE career. She started her run as a dancer with Naomi. While talking to WrestleNewsco, Andrew admitted she didn’t know about Mone’s WWE departure and why she didn’t go back to the company like Naomi did.

“I don’t know what the backstage scene is like, I don’t know the story, you know. It’s actually really hard to comment on that. Because it’s like, who knows? Unless something leaks on the dirt sheets. And even then again, you can’t believe that. That’s the f**king internet. Half the time its f**king false…if it’s on the internet. It’s true. Right? …That’s like that’s so that’s too hard of a speculation to say why?”

“[Unless] it comes out of her mouth, it’s too hard of a speculation to say why (she didn’t return to WWE). Maybe it’s like what Trinity did, like, I’m going to go over here and maybe get the things I’ve been asking for or want or truly desire, or I want to try something new. Who knows? I don’t make speculations because people will twist them.”

When Is Mercedes Mone Expected To Debut In AEW?

Fans of the former WWE superstar Sasha Banks can look forward to her return to weekly television when she debuts in All Elite Wrestling. Mone’s AEW debut is expected to be on the March 13th edition of AEW Dynamite in Boston which the company is calling Big Business.

While AEW has yet to advertise Mercedes for the event specifically, it’s well known that she is from Boston and the banner for the show says “Bo$$ton” on it. As WWE fans know, Mercedes called herself “The Boss” in WWE as Sasha Banks, so it’s not like AEW is trying that hard to hide it.

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