Ex-WWE Employee Lands Unlikely Top Government Job

UK House Of Commons WWE

Politics in wrestling is nothing new and wrestlers in politics is now also a well-worn tale but now an ex-WWE employee has landed a top role in the UK Government.

With controversy consuming the organisation amid scandal after scandal and allegations of serious misconduct leading to people losing their roles, it’s currently hard at the moment to spot the difference between WWE and the UK Government.

Vince McMahon might have been forced to step back from his role as WWE Chairman and CEO – at least temporarily – but UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is holding on to his role despite his Government falling apart around him.

Rishi Sunak – one of Johnson’s closest allies in Government – stepped down from his role as UK Chancellor of the Exchequer with former Chancellor and Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Sajid Javid also resigning his role in an apparently coordinated move.

These top-level resignations have come about following the latest in a string of scandals to engulf the Prime Minister after it emerged Boris Johnson gave a top job to someone now accused of sexual assault despite Johnson being aware of allegations made against the individual.

With an unplanned Cabinet reshuffle on his plate, Boris Johnson has moved Education Secretary Nadim Zahawi into the role of Chancellor with Michelle Donelan taking over as new Education Secretary. And it is Donelan, the Conservative MP for the market town of Chippenham that used to be a part of WWE.

Donelan first worked for Pacific Magazines in Australia, before working for the History Channel as part of a joint venture with BSkyB. This perhaps surprisingly led her to become International Marketing Communications Manager for WWE before embarking on her career in politics.