Ex-WWE Star Recalls Edibles Adventure During A Show

Kyle O'Reilly Adam Cole Bobby Fish

A former WWE star has been reminded of the time they took an edible backstage, not realising they’d have a major part to play later in a show.

In 2017 Bobby Fish, Kyle O’Reilly, and Adam Cole began their allegiance in WWE when they formed the Undisputed ERA at NXT TakeOver Brooklyn III – but two years before the three men were on very different sides.

Speaking on Undisputed former ROH World Champion Matt Taven recalled a bout in 2015 that saw Cole look to join O’Reilly and Fish before swerving them and staying with The Kingdom. A good old-fashioned beatdown was to ensue with Bobby Fish making the save for his long-time tag team partner Kyle O’Reilly. There was just one problem, Bobby Fish – forgetting this plan – had taken an edible backstage and was lucky to find his way to the ring:

“San Antonio, it was like 2015, we were doing an angle where it looked like Cole was going to join with reDRagon and leave us and we were teasing that. Earlier that day, we had a wrestler’s court. Wrestler’s court is always good for the locker room morale, it gets everyone hyped. Everyone is full of piss and vinegar.”

“This show is going off without a hitch, everyone is having a great time. Bobby and Kyle go out and have a great match. You came back, everyone is like, ‘what are we doing tonight?’ Someone had edibles. Bobby is like, ‘I’ll take one.’ You eat an edible. I kind of don’t think about it. I come back over to Bobby and was like, ‘Bobby, did you eat that edible?’ ‘Yeah, why?’ He’s getting dressed, about to leave, I go, ‘You have to come out for the main event. You have to come out and run me off.'”

“Bobby’s face, instantly, was like, ‘Oh, sh*t.’ He stopped getting dressed and there was this whole thing where we end up jumping Cole, it looks like he’s going to have Kyle’s back, no, Cole turns on Kyle, Kingdom jumps on Kyle, Bobby is supposed to come out, come running through the curtain, house of fire, jump on me, get me out of the ring.”

“We’re on Kyle and I’m looking at the curtain because no one is coming. All of a sudden, I see Bobby come through the curtain like he just stepped into the wrong room. Looking around on the ramp, looking at the lights, I look at (Mike) Bennett like, ‘Oh sh*t, stay here with Kyle.’ “

“Bobby, finally, slowly walks to the ring as his tag team partner is getting beat up. It’s taking so long that I’m reaching toward Bobby to get him in the ring. Bobby gets in the ring, we’re playing patty cake a little, and I’m like, ‘Bobby, throw me out. Bobby, throw me out! Bobby, you have to get rid of me.'”

“Nothing is registering on his face to the point where, I just tackled you, we rolled through the ropes, and we lay on the outside to get us out of the situation.”

Bobby Fish, Kyle O’Reilly, and Adam Cole reunited in AEW following their WWE exits but Fish himself left Tony Khan’s promotion in August 2022.

h/t Fightful