Ex-WWE Star Reacts To Drew McIntyre Promo On Raw

drew mcintyre wwe raw arm

Drew McIntyre said some harsh things to CM Punk on Raw and a former WWE star had some good things to say about it.

There was some bad news during the Men’s Royal Rumble match from Tampa, which was won by Cody Rhodes. CM Punk was in the final two with Cody, but the real news is about Punk suffering an injury.

It was revealed after the Royal Rumble that CM Punk suffered a torn triceps on his right arm. The injury happened when Drew McIntyre hit Punk with a Future Shock DDT, Punk’s arm hit the mat and that led to the injury. Punk went on to wrestle for several more minutes before he was eliminated by Cody.

At the start of the WWE Raw in Tampa on January 29th, CM Punk did a promo talking about his torn triceps injury and how he’ll need to repair it. Punk didn’t specify how much time he’ll miss, but it will likely be somewhere from 6 to 8 months or perhaps more. Punk suffered a similar injury while in AEW in September 2022 as well.

During Punk’s speech on Raw, his nemesis Drew McIntyre interrupted the promo. Drew spoke about how he has never been much of a spiritual person, but he wanted Punk to know that Drew prayed for this and it happened. The fans booed that comment, as you would expect. Drew said he was mad that Punk eliminated him, but then he heard about Punk’s injury and Drew said mission accomplished because he took out Punk.

After the promo, they got into a fight and Drew managed to knock down Punk. Drew also stomped on Punk’s right arm as well. Sami Zayn ran out for the save to set up a match with McIntyre later in the show.

Drew McIntyre’s Raw Promo Was “Masterful” According To Tommy Dreamer

Tommy Dreamer is a former WWE star who has been in the pro wrestling business for over 30 years and currently works for TNA Impact. Dreamer is also a co-host on Busted Open Radio where he talked about that McIntyre promo from Raw.

Man, it was so heavy and people were just like ‘You son of a b***h.’ It was masterful. It was such a great delivered promo and it results in physicality. He was the Champion with no fans, and I’d love to see more of this out of Drew. Here’s a guy where speaking wasn’t the best for him and now, he’s carrying promo segments with CM Punk.

AEW’s Thunder Rosa is a co-host on Busted Open and she praised McIntyre’s ruthless promo as well.

This is some real s**t. Praying for somebody that you f**king hate for them to get hurt so you don’t got to see their face? It’s the real thing. This is some real s**t that happens. It’s so real, both of these promos were so real and close to reality.

On social media, Drew McIntyre has continued his harsh comments towards CM Punk, which has included this edited image mocking CM Punk’s inability to main event WrestleMania this year.