Ex-WWE Champion Voices Doubts About Potential Hall of Fame Induction

Ex-WWE Champion Voices Doubts About Potential Hall of Fame Induction

Former WWE European and Hardcore Champion, Perry Saturn addressed the possibility of his induction into the Hall of Fame, revealing a sense of doubt due to his involvement in a lawsuit against the company.

Saturn, who had notable stints in ECW, WCW, WWE, and TNA, openly shared his thoughts on the matter in a candid discussion during a virtual signing event with Signed By Superstars, acknowledging the potential hurdles posed by his legal entanglements with the wrestling giant.

Reflecting on his tumultuous journey, which included well-documented struggles with drug addiction, Saturn expressed his admiration for Vince McMahon and his positive regard for Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque. However, he revealed reservations about the prospect of a Hall of Fame induction, citing the impact of the lawsuit and its aftermath on his relationship with the company.

Sure, if they invited me [I would go into the WWE Hall of Fame]. No [I don’t have a great relationship with WWE]. I was part of a lawsuit against them. We lost but from the C.T.E. so, I’m sure they won’t be calling me. Vince [McMahon], I got along great with Vince and the trouble is when I worked there, I was a bad drug addict.

Saturn’s remarks not only provide insight into the intricate dynamics of his history with WWE but also shed light on the personal challenges he faced during his tenure with the organisation.Top of Form

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