Ex-WWE Women’s Champion Was Uncomfortable Visiting AEW

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A former WWE Women’s Champion admitted that she didn’t feel comfortable while visiting AEW.

Lisa Marie Varon is a former two-time WWE Women’s Champion that brought intensity and physicality to the Women’s Divison in the 2000s, which was back when female superstars were known as Divas. While that era was known for bikini contests and bra & panties matches to some people, Victoria is highly regarded as one of the toughest women in WWE history.

After leaving WWE following a nine-year run in 2009, she went on to have another successful run in TNA Wrestling as Tara. During her time as Tara, Lisa was even more successful as a five-time Knockouts Champion that brought a lot of credibility to the division.

At the 2021 WWE Women’s Royal Rumble, Lisa was a surprise entrant. Unfortunately, it was in the Thunderdome with no fans in attendance, but it was great to see a women’s wrestling legend in the WWE ring one more time.

On a recent episode of her GAW TV with Mickie James and So Cal Val, Lisa Marie spoke about going backstage to AEW and how it wasn’t a good experience for her.

“I went backstage to go find Sarah (Stock). She goes, ‘Are you gonna come back here to say hi to me?’ I go, ‘Um, can you meet me at the curtain?’ I go, ‘Oh no, all the new talent’ and then of course when I went back there, I got the look like, what the f*ck is she doing here? Excuse my language. I felt uncomfortable.”

Back in April, Lisa Marie also spoke about how she didn’t feel like she was treated well backstage in WWE as well.