Ex-WWE Broadcaster Says Release “Wasn’t A Huge Shock”

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A former WWE broadcaster has admitted that he wasn’t very surprised when he was released by the company.

There are some people that get released by World Wrestling Entertainment and they are completely shocked by it, but Nigel McGuinness would fall into that category.

Many wrestling fans know Nigel McGuinness from his time as a pro wrestler when he was one of the top stars of Ring of Honor. While in ROH, McGuinness was an ROH World Champion and ROH Pure Champion while having legendary matches with wrestling legends like Bryan Danielson.

After he retired as a wrestler, Nigel signed with WWE in 2016 as an announcer. It’s a role he would have in WWE for about six years before his release in October 2022.

While he worked for WWE, McGuinness was an announcer on the NXT UK brand, NXT, 205 Live and Main Event as well. However, WWE never chose to put him on their main roster shows Raw and Smackdown while he worked there.

In an interview with Hannibal TV, McGuinness admitted that his WWE release didn’t surprise him at all.

“It wasn’t a huge shock to me, I don’t think so. I think with the NXT UK brand being put on hiatus and moving a lot of the guys over to NXT, I kind of wasn’t being used as much as I might be and so I understood that certainly, you know, I’m not sure how much longer that role was going to be there.”

“I was very grateful to still be employed as long as I was, doing the smallest shows in terms of Level Up or 205, the ability to work with younger guys and stuff like that and then watch younger guys just breaking in to this industry, that was a great experience in and of itself. “

“But to your point, it wasn’t a huge shock. Again, I just felt very grateful for everything that had happened there and very appreciative of the six years of the learning and the education and the experience.”

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