Ex-WWE Star Blasts Company For Horrific Business Practice

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A former WWE superstar thinks the company does a poor job of informing talent about certain decisions that are made.

World Wrestling Entertainment was sold to Endeavor officially in September 2023 and became the TKO Group. Endeavor, led by CEO Ari Emanuel, has merged WWE and the UFC as TKO Group. Nick Khan is the WWE President while Paul “Triple H” Levesque runs the company creatively as the Chief Content Officer.

The current regime of WWE is praised heavily regularly by critics and fans who are enjoying the product in this post-Vince McMahon era. Business is also booming since Friday’s episode of WWE Smackdown in New York City drew a huge gate as the 32nd WWE TV event of 2024 that sold out. That’s very impressive in just six months.

While WWE Is doing well, there are always going to be people who will be unhappy due to not being used properly. Dijak is an example of that. Dijak announced on social media that his WWE contract expired yesterday, June 28th. That means the former WWE star is now a free agent after the company chose to let his contract expire.

In an interview with Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful, Dijak opened up about his frustrations with WWE.

“So really, I’m working like five days a month, or whatever it happens, whatever. So I’m spending a lot of time at home with my kids. So I’m super happy about that on a personal level, because my daughter’s a baby at the time, my son’s only four years old. So I’m super happy that I get to watch my kids grow up.

That being said, professionally, I’m in a very dark place. Because I’m desperately trying everything. I’m pitching to writers. I’m pitching to Bruce. I’m pitching to Vince. I’m trying everything in the world. I’m like, please, I’m doing binders. I’m doing videos, I’m doing this I’m doing, I’m trying everything in the world.

And you just get stuck in this rut at WWE where it’s like, ‘We’ll get to him later, we’ll get to him later, we’ll get to him later.’ And they just they just go ‘He’s here again, to pitch his things, he’s here to pitch’ you know, and it’s like, it just it starts to eat at you.”

Dijak went on to talk about how World Wrestling Entertainment has been known to release several people at once and they don’t make it known publicly, which leads to wrestling having to follow reporters like Sean Ross Sapp to learn about their employment status.

“And this is at a time when you know releases happen, right? Pretty frequently. So every, every six months, there’s like a conference call or whatever. And it’s like, well, here’s the conference call. Yep, two days later, here they come. And it’s funny, because we all we all start following you [Sapp]. Because you become the way that we find out right?”

Dijak Believes WWE Should Communicate Better With Talent Regarding Releases

As the discussion continued, Sapp spoke about how he knew about some releases before WWE talent knew and he felt gross about it, but Dijak said he shouldn’t feel that way. That’s when Dijak criticized the company he used to work for because of how they run their business.

“You shouldn’t feel gross, they should feel gross. It’s one of the most horrific business practices I’ve ever witnessed. And I haven’t been in a lot of businesses, right? But I will always be publicly outspoken about this. And I don’t, to my knowledge. I don’t think they, no they might still do this.”

That led to Dijak talking about the current WWE regime led to Nick Khan and Triple H continuing to do things this way.

“They still do this. So I will be very outspoken about this until it gets fixed. That’s not how this should be done. It’s that should absolutely 100% not be how this should be done.”

In the same interview, Dijak recalled a time when the Retribution group that he used to be a part of would pitch things to Vince McMahon constantly and the former WWE Chairman didn’t do much to help the group.

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