Ex-WWE Star Blasts “Fanboy” Ariel Helwani Appearing On WWE TV

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A former WWE television personality is the latest person to attack Ariel Helwani after the combat sports journalist appeared on Smackdown and Elimination Chamber.

Ariel Helwani is one of the most well-known Combat Sports Reporters. Currently, he works for MMA Fighting covering the Mixed Martial Arts game including UFC and also covers WWE for BT Sport as well among other roles. Helwani also used to work for ESPN.

This past Friday on the February 17th edition of Smackdown in Montreal, Helwani appeared twice in the crowd hyping up the importance of the Roman Reigns-Sami Zayn match at Elimination Chamber since Zayn was a hometown guy.

In addition to the Smackdown appearance, Helwani also appeared on the Elimination Chamber Kickoff Show and was shown in the crowd with another Montreal legend, UFC Hall of Famer Georges St. Pierre (GSP). There were also Helwani interviews on WWE’s YouTube channel with Zayn and GSP separately.

After Helwani’s Smackdown appearance, AEW Owner/President Tony Khan trashed Helwani by tweeting: “You’re a fraud @arielhelwani You’re as legitimate of a reporter as @tonyschiavone24.” Ariel Helwani replied calling Tony Khan “snowman” among other things and Tony replied: “Good luck with the unbiased journalism.”

The reason for Khan’s attack on Helwani is because Helwani criticized Tony during a past interview on Helwani’s show where Ariel believed Tony didn’t want to answer anything.

During the Elimination Chamber broadcast, WWE’s Michael Cole referred to Ariel Helwani this way as a direct shot at what Tony Khan had said:

“The unbiased, world renowned combat sports journalist Ariel Helwani who asks all the hard questions whether you want to answer them or not!”

It appears as though Tony Khan isn’t the only one firing shots at Helwani because former WWE announcer Jonathan Coachman did several tweets attacking Helwani as well. The first one is below with Coach saying that Helwani can’t get into UFC events while using multiple laughing emojis.

“It’s really cool to see an event that Ariel can actually get in the building for. I would be excited also. If you don’t know NOW YOU KNOW!!!!”

Wrestling fans know Jonathan Coachman well for his run in the company from 1999 to 2008 following a brief return about a decade later. In between his WWE runs, he worked for ESPN as a studio host.

Jonathan Coachman continued his attack on Ariel Helwani with several more tweets replying to comments on Twitter.

“1. Ariel is not allowed in the building for ufc events. And espn clearly didn’t know ‘when they hired him. Which is why he only lasted one contract. Also the mockery he makes of pro wrestling like he could EVER do it not only upsets me but alot of people actually IN the business.”

“When you do this for a living like I did for well over 10 years. Look back at the last year. Talking trash to actually wrestlers like Booker T on a talk show when he is 140 pounds soaking wet. He is a fan. That’s it. He is not and never will be. Fans are not WWE talent.”

As he continued, Coach said he wasn’t bitter while referring to his own experience in WWE.

“Over 20 years on and off. 16 Wrestlemanias. Actually participated in 2 Royal Rumbles. I think I am qualified. Not bitter. I just respect the business whether I am still in it or not. Wrestlers can’t stand it when an outsider comes in and doesn’t respect their space.”

The tweet below is a reply to a fan that mentioned the Ariel Helwani-Tony Khan spat on Twitter.

“I KNOW. I know the whole thing. Believe me I saw that too. I have been on both sides. An interviewer and also a talent in the ring. You either have to be one or the other. And when you are 140 pounds and won’t get physical EVER than don’t talk trash and be a journalist.”

Coachman also referred to Ariel Helwani as a “fanboy” claiming that Triple H and WWE know they can get him to do whatever they (WWE) want.

“They will use anyone especially if that person is from Montreal. Trust me Triple H not having an issue is way different then a regular wrestling. HHH has a show to promote and they know fanboy will do whatever they want him to do.”

Lastly, Coach noted that ESPN offered Helwani a lower salary when his contract was expiring because they didn’t want him back.

It should be noted also that WWE CEO Nick Khan used to be Helwani’s agent, so there’s a close relationship there.