Ex-WWE Star 2 Cold Scorpio Arrested For Violent Stabbing

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Former WWE and ECW star 2 Cold Scorpio has been arrested following a violent stabbing attack that he claims was self-defence.

Charles Scaggs is best known for his time in WWE and ECW where he competed as 2 Cold Scorpio and infamously Flash Funk. While Survivor Series 1996 is best known as hosting the WWE debut of The Rock, the show also saw Flash Funk make his first appearance on WWE TV as he teamed with Savio Vega, Yokozuna, Jimmy Snuka as they faced Faarooq, Vader, Fake Diesel, and Fake Razor Ramon.

In 1993, 2 Cold Scorpio held the WCW Tag Team Championship with Buff Bagwell and he went on to become a star in ECW where he won the World Television Championship four times and the ECW World Tag Team Title with The Sandman.

Now Scorpio has found himself in trouble with the law as TMZ has reported that Charles Scaggs has been arrested after a stabbing incident at a gas station in Kansas City, MO.

Ex-WWE Star Claims Self-Defence In Stabbing

Scaggs claimed to authorities that the incident started when the alleged victim lit a cigarette inside the store where Scaggs was working as a security guard. The former WWE star claimed he was then threatened with things spilling outside.

Scaggs claimed he was threatened as the man tried to grapple him and admitted to authorities he pulled out a knife and stabbed him in self-defence. The altercation was said to have lasted a few more moments with Scaggs getting more stabs in.

Police noted that when they arrived, the other man involved was found lying on the ground bleeding from his head, chest, buttocks, legs, and abdomen. He was taken to hospital and was said to have been in and out of consciousness.

He later claimed Scaggs was the aggressor leading to the former WWE star facing two felony charges – one count of armed criminal action and one count of first-degree assault. Scaggs posted bond and has pleaded not guilty to the charges, he will be due back in court in relation to the charges in July.