Ex WCW Booker’s Surprising Plan To End Goldberg’s Streak Revealed

Goldberg's WCW Streak Revealed

Former WCW booker Kevin Sullivan recently revealed his original plan to bring an end to Goldberg’s incredible 173-match win streak in WCW.

In an interview with WrestleZone, Sullivan disclosed that he had envisioned a clean finish for the match, rather than the controversial ending involving a cattle prod. According to Sullivan’s proposal, Goldberg would have whipped Kevin Nash into the corner, charging at him, but Nash would have moved out of the way. This would have caused Goldberg to hit the ring post and stumble back into Nash, who would then deliver a big boot and a powerbomb for a clean pinfall victory, crowning Nash as the new WCW Champion.

And the day he got beat, I really, really — my finish was, rather than a cattle prod and 12 people running down. I wanted Bill [Goldberg] to whip Kevin [Nash] into the corner, go for his charge, Kevin move out of the way, Bill [would] hit the post and come back out. Kevin gives him a big boot, gives him the powerbomb, and beats him 1-2-3.

Sullivan drew a comparison to the end of Mike Tyson’s undefeated streak in boxing, emphasizing the importance of a clean loss. He wanted Goldberg to experience a similar clean defeat, just as Tyson did when he was knocked out by Buster Douglas. Sullivan believed that this finish would have been more compelling and showcased Goldberg’s vulnerability, setting the stage for a trilogy of matches between Nash and Goldberg for the WCW Title.

Why I wanted that was because he had won clean all the time. I wanted him to lose clean. It’s like when Mike Tyson went over and fought [Buster] Douglas, nobody thought Douglas had a chance. But Mike got knocked out. It was a clean knockout. It wasn’t a referee’s decision or a split decision by the referee or two judges.

However, WCW ultimately opted for the controversial cattle prod finish, which generated mixed reactions from both fans and critics.

What Did Eric Bischoff Think Of Goldberg’s Meteoric Rise In WCW?

Eric Bischoff has said previously that Goldberg’s rise in WCW was due to the fan’s response to him and that due to this response, they decided to run with it and continue to push him as long as the fans would keep reacting positively to him.

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