Ex-Superstar Says Nobody Will Ever Compete With WWE

Triple H holding a WWE ticket

WWE might be untouchable, but a former star backs other companies to succeed.

In 2018, EC3 returned to WWE after enjoying a fine run of success in TNA/IMPACT Wrestling. However, his second spell with the sports entertainment giant never really got off the ground and he was released in April 2020 due to budget cuts.

After leaving WWE, the star returned to the independent scene appearing with the likes of ROH and the NWA, while launching Control Your Narrative.

Speaking in a new interview with Scott Mitchell of, EC3 reflected on his time in WWE and the transition to the NWA. During the conversation, the star admitted that no one will likely ever really compete with WWE, but that doesn’t mean others can’t put on a good show.

“Right now, a lot of talents are getting over because, within the confines, the amazing new tools they have, the new era of agents, the new creative, a lot of people are thriving now because they’re giving guidelines more than rules.

Coming to NWA from that system, I was allowed to be who I wanted to be and presented under the vision of [William Patrick Corgan]. He’s a musician, nobody told him how to play his songs, and he knows that. That’s the cool thing about having a creative as your boss.

Here’s what we have to get, show me how to get there. I love being able to control my narrative now. Nobody is ever going to compete with the WWE, but with the NWA, we can make noise. There’s no reason we can’t have as good a show,”

EC3 Critical Of Vince McMahon’s WWE

During the same interview, ECW gave a damning assessment of working for Vince McMahon in WWE.

The NWA star said McMahon ran the company in a tyrannical way, claiming he didn’t know what was going on half the time, while “the other half of the time his mind was completely vacant. He lost it. Everything was super controlled, and everyone was super job-scared.”