Ex-ECW Star Says Tammy Sytch’s Boyfriend Is Threatening To “Expose” Her

Sunny Tammy Sytch

As far as tragic tales in pro wrestling go, and there’s no shortage of them, the life and relationship of Chris Candido and WWE Hall of Famer Tammy Sytch – also known as Sunny – have to be pretty high on the list.

Rumors have run rampant for years regarding infidelity and drug use in Candido and Sytch’s relationship and all of that was covered in a recent edition of the documentary series Dark Side Of The Ring.

Chris Candido sadly passed away in 2005 at just 33 years old due to a blood clot and complications from surgery after breaking his leg at a TNA show. Tammy Sytch’s life has spiraled over the years and she currently finds herself in jail awaiting trial over manslaughter and DUI charges for her involvement in a car crash that killed a 75-year-old man.

Ex-ECW star Francine, who worked with both Candido and Sytch recently gave her thoughts on the Dark Side of the Ring episode covering the pair’s life, and in doing so drew ire from whoever is running the @firstdivaSunny Twitter account as they wrote:

“No need to spout some more nonsense and then block me from replying. If you want to point out others “infidelities” be prepared to point your own. And while doing so…please provide us with BOTH of their names and marital statuses at the time as well.”

Francine responded on social media, not taking too kindly to threats being made against her:

“Threatening me that he will “exposing me” Saying I slept with multiple men at the same time in ECW to keep my job (yeah okay). He’s going to tell my husband! Promoters and fans think I’m a piece of. I haven’t met one person who has told me they feel this way. Blocked!”

Francine also added that she didn’t think Sytch’s boyfriend watched her review of the Dark Side of the Ring since she was adamant she didn’t trash the former WWE star:

“I guess Tammy’s boyfriend didn’t watch my YouTube video. I didn’t trash her. It’s how I felt and it came from the heart. I love her but hate who she has become. I loved Chris. James said all I care about are bookings? Here are some receipts. I guess these don’t count.”

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