Ex-AEW Star Offcially Starts With WWE

AEW WWE Logo Over Royal Rumble

It would seem one former AEW star is getting his feet under the table with WWE having started with the company this week.

It was at the beginning of July 2023 when it appeared Brian Pillman Jr. was leaving All Elite Wrestling, after his profile was removed from the organization’s website. Shortly after that some comments were made confirming the news, including Jim Ross noting that whilst the second-generation star will be successful in his career, it just wasn’t working out in AEW.

Just a week later, reports started circulating that Pillman had been spotted at the WWE Performance Center. Although this was initially waved off by some as more of a “getting to know you” exercise, rumors quickly sped up that he was going to join the company, with news coming out at the start of August that he had signed a deal.

“No Rush” To Debut Pillman Jr.

A new report from Pro Wrestling Insider claims that Brian Pillman Jr. has now officially started work for WWE, getting himself stuck in to things this week. The report also notes that the times he was spotted at the Performance Center since his AEW departure were for a tryout match.

The report goes on to discuss that Pillman finished up his independent dates earlier this month, however there is no rush to get him appearing on television. It would seem WWE want to let him get himself steady before they push for him to start working for the black and gold brand.