Ethan Page Wants To “Never Relive” Terrifying AEW Spot

Ethan Page

Ethan Page has no interest in reliving a particular past bump he once experienced.

Coming out of his intense coffin match that he would have with Darby Allin, All Elite Wrestling‘s Ethan Page spoke about the most terrifying moment that he’s ever had in the promotion up until this point.

The bout between Page and Allin was the main event on the first edition of AEW’s “Fyter Fest” 2021, which eventually escalated into a bloody rivalry between the two.

Darby Allin would be the victor of the fight, however, he metaphorically wanted to put the final nail in the coffin, and that’s exactly what he did. Following the bout, Darby did his “Coffin Drop” signature move on a closed casket with Ethan Page inside.

If you ask fans and critics alike, it was a class moment in AEW history, however, he’s universally accepted that things could have went terribly wrong if everything wasn’t executed the way it was supposed to be. Even Page, himself, said he was the most scary moment he’s ever had in his All Elite Wrestling career.

Recently appearing on Daily Hive for an interview, Page had this to say about what went down:

“I will say this. I earned my yearly salary in those 15 seconds. That was one of the scariest, craziest, and most ‘I hope I neve have to relive it again’ moments in my life.”

H/T Wrestling Inc.