Ernest Miller Reveals Which Tag Team He Was Most Afraid Of: “They’re Gonna Eat Us Alive”

Ernest Miller Reveals Which Tag Team He Was Most Afraid Of:

Ernest Miller recounted a nerve-wracking experience from his time in WCW when he and his partner, Glacier, faced off against the formidable tag team of The Barbarian and Meng, known as Haku.

Describing The Barbarian and Meng as “dangerous” and “scary-looking,” In a recent interview with Wrestling Shoot Interviews, Ernest Miller admitted to feeling genuinely intimidated by their imposing presence. He confessed to being on the verge of praying before stepping into the ring with them, highlighting the gravity of the situation.

I mean it was King Tonga, Meng, and Barbarian and they were going after Ernest Miller and Glacier and we were down in Disney. I looked at those two guys, man, I was scared. I was like, ‘Man, they look like they’re gonna be stiff.’ Holy cow I don’t know what we’re gonna do with them and I was ready to pray.

Recalling a humorous moment before the match, Miller shared how he borrowed oil from Glacier to prepare himself, only to be surprised by its fruity scent. Jokingly, he remarked about his initial concern, quipping about the opponents “looking like they eat fruit,” which added to his pre-match jitters.

So you know, before you go, you got to put a little oil on yourself, right? So I didn’t have any so I asked Glacier, can I borrow some of his, so he said, ‘Yeah,’ so I put it in my hands and I’m talking to Glacier. I thought it rub it off. And it smelled I said ‘Ben it smells like strawberry, like fruit.’ He said ‘Yeah, it’s the fruit [scent].’ I said, ‘Man. Listen, we’re going into the ring with these guys who look like they eat fruit. They gonna eat us alive.’

However, despite his initial fears, Miller revealed that facing The Barbarian and Meng turned out to be a pleasant surprise. Contrary to his expectations, he found them to be “the easiest guys” he had ever worked with, leading to a great match that exceeded his anticipations.

How Much Money Did Ernest Miller Make With WWE?

Ernest Miller revealed that WWE made him a significantly lower offer of $220,000 a year and stated that he earned that amount of money in a month while under contract at WCW. Miller signed with WWE in late 2002 after opting to wait out the remainder of his WCW contract after the company was sold in 2001.

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