Eric Bischoff Calls Tony Khan’s CM Punk Response “Mind-Boggling”

CM Punk Tony Khan AEW All Out media scrum

Eric Bischoff has questioned Tony Khan’s handling of CM Punk at the All Out media scrum where Punk berated several of the company’s stars.

The events of the AEW All Out pay-per-view in early September are well known by now. At the post-show media scrum, then-AEW World Champion CM Punk lambasted some of his fellow stars including The Young Bucks and Hangman Adam Page which led to an alleged backstage fight.

Speaking to Steve Fall on Ten Count, Eric Bischoff took aim at AEW boss Tony Khan who sat next to Punk during his tirade and says Khan should have taken action instead of being “slayed like a fish” by Punk:

“Tony’s [Khan], not a physical guy. […] In terms of taking control of the situation … Tony had a mic, he had his own mic, he could have grabbed that mic stood up, and said ‘This conference is over, thank you all very much,’ and shut down the audio, boom, it’s over. Then sort it out.”

“But to sit there and be thrashed and slayed like a fish by a guy that you’re writing a check to for five times more money than he’s really worth is mind-boggling to me.”

Eric Bischoff also gave his thoughts on why he now respects Vince McMahon more than he ever did previously in a professional capacity.

h/t Wrestling Inc.