Eric Bischoff Names His Favorite Moment Working With Steve Austin

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Eric Bischoff named a moment that he shared with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin that made him feel grateful.

The careers of Eric Bischoff and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin saw them cross paths in the early 1990s in WCW as well as a decade later in WWE.

When Stone Cold was known as “Stunning” Steve Austin in WCW, he was a former US, TV and Tag Team Champion that was considered a star on the rise. However, Eric Bischoff was a former WCW Vice President that would eventually become the President of WCW. Bischoff fired Austin in 1995 while he was injured with a torn triceps.

After getting fired by WCW, Austin went on ECW and trashed Bischoff as well as Hulk Hogan, which would catch WWE’s eye leading to Austin going there initially as The Ringmaster in late 1995. Eventually, Austin would become “Stone Cold” and the Austin 3:16 speech happened at King of the Ring 1996. Two years later, Austin won the WWE Title for the first time and the rest is history.

Fans that love Stone Cold could even credit Bischoff for firing Austin because without that happening, perhaps Austin’s career would have gone differently.

In early 2003, Austin made his triumphant in-ring return to WWE after walking out of the company in June 2002 due to a creative dispute. Cooler heads prevailed, Austin came back to WWE and his return match was set for No Way Out 2003 against the Raw General Manager…Eric Bischoff.

That brings us to Bischoff’s tweet in reply to a fan asking for his favorite segment working with Austin. Bischoff chose that No Way Out 2003 match with Austin.

“Too difficult to separate them. They were ALL a blast. Having a “match” with Steve was a very special moment. The crowd in Montreal was live fire. Steve returning to to the ring was highly anticipated. Grateful for that moment.”

That No Way Out 2003 match saw Austin receive a huge ovation from the crowd for his return to the ring. Austin destroyed Eric Bischoff easily and got the win in under four minutes.