Eric Bischoff Explains What Might Lead MJF To Join WWE


Eric Bischoff thinks he knows what it will take for MJF to leave AEW and join WWE.

MJF has referenced the possibility of him jumping ship to WWE several times already. He already called attention to “the bidding war of 2024” several times.

He cut a now-famous promo asking to get fired from AEW thinking he’ll be appreciated elsewhere since he believed Tony Khan was “treating ex-WWE guys” better than him.

And even though MJF is currently AEW World Champion, there are some people that think he could still leave AEW. One of them is Eric Bischoff, who played devil’s advocate on the matter on his Strictly Business podcast.

“What are the advantages for MJF to stay in AEW? Job security, great payday I’m assuming, he’s at the top of the card, probably will be because he’s so young for the next 5, 7, 8 years.

The 26-year-old Eric Bischoff would probably bank on the stability and security until I’ve got enough money in the bank that I can roll some dice with my career.”

Furthermore, Bischoff pointed out that while AEW might give MJF job security, it might not give him job satisfaction. Even with the creative freedom AEW offers which WWE does not, Bischoff still sees potential in a WWE run for the current AEW World Champion.

Specifically, Bischoff noted Cody [Rhodes]’ success as the sort of success that that MJF could also experience should he sign with WWE.

“Look at what Cody Rhodes has done. Cody left AEW, made a huge splash on his return to WWE on his own terms, and if you’re right, is going to walk away with the WWE World Championship from Roman Reigns at WrestleMania.

It does not get any bigger than that, so if I’m MJF, I’m looking at that trajectory and I’m going, ‘That could be me, I could do that.’ I don’t know; it’s a tough one but it’ll be an interesting one to follow.”

h/t WrestlingInc for the transcription