Eric Bischoff Weighs In On Kazuchika Okada Speculation

Kazuchika Okada makes his entrance at Forbidden Door

What’s next for Kazuchika Okada?

Despite many believing that he would never leave, Kazuchika Okada stands on the brink of a stunning departure from NJPW. The star’s contract has already expired, and he’s in the process of wrapping up his final matches before heading to the United States.

Naturally, the speculation around the Japanese legend has been intense, with fans and pundits far and wide having their say on where he should go next.

Speaking on his 83 Weeks podcast, Eric Bischoff described Okada’s choice between AEW and WWE as tough but explained that if he wants to become a bigger star there’s only one option.

“If Okada’s goal is to become the biggest star, then there’s not even a conversation to be had with AEW,” Bischoff said. “But it’s a tough call. And I don’t even think it’s because of the controversy [former WWE employee Janel Grant’s lawsuit]. I really don’t. While this isn’t going to blow over and it’s not going to go away, WWE will be around for a long time. This is not something that could crater the company. I don’t want to say they’re too big to fail, but they are so big and so entrenched. They’ve got a $5 billion deal with Netflix. They’re good for the next five years. They’re not going anywhere.

AEW, on the other hand, may or may not be around a year from now, two years from now.”

Kazuchika Okada Heading To AEW

While Eric Bischoff might think WWE is the best bet, it’s been reported that Kazuchika Okada has agreed to join AEW. Although The Rainmaker held talks with WWE, he reportedly agreed to join AEW in the last couple of weeks.

However, there is no word on when he’ll make his full AEW debut.

H/t to Wrestling Inc