Eric Bischoff Heaps Praise On WWE Veteran For “Masterclass”

Eric Bischoff

Eric Bischoff says there’s no one better than one WWE veteran.

At Survivor Series, Randy Orton returned to the ring after more than 18 months out of action in the best shape of his life. Since resuming his career, Orton has continued to deliver a series of high-class performances, often bringing his real-life back issues into his matches.

The Viper played on this to great effect inside the Elimination Chamber, leading some fans to wonder whether he really was injured.

Speaking on 83 Weeks, Eric Bischoff was full of praise for the latest Orton “masterclass.”

“Randy Orton is amazing. If anybody wants to argue as to whether or not there is anybody better than Randy Orton at selling, now I’m not talking about the back injury, that was obviously (a) work of art. He did that very, very well. I’m talking about the way he sells throughout the entire match. Randy Orton puts on a masterclass of selling for your opponent every time he steps in a ring. This guy is amazing.”

Bischoff went on to break down what makes the veteran such an impressive performer.

“Who sells better than Randy Orton? Who’s got better timing in the ring than Randy Orton? Who can tell a story better? Randy Orton can tell a story with a look better than most people could with a microphone in four minutes. He’s so good.”

Seth Rollins Earns Eric Bischoff’s Respect

On an earlier episode of the podcast, Eric Bischoff revealed he has a new-found respect for Seth Rollins. The WWE Hall of Famer explained that Rollins’ more serious performances in recent weeks have impressed him significantly.

Rollins is due to defend his World Heavyweight Title at WrestleMania against Drew McIntyre, while also teaming with Cody Rhodes to face The Bloodline.

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